The Incredible Jack King

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The Incredible Jack King

In autumn 2003, I published my bestselling book Pushing Yourself to Power, which outlines my all-natural Transformetrics Training System of health, strength, and physique building. In one chapter titled, “From Zero to 500 Push-ups in 6 Weeks or Less—Guaranteed,” I shared the inspiring story of Jack King as found in the following excerpt from page 179:

“In the June 2001 issue of Iron Man magazine, author Bill Starr wrote an incredible article in which he cited two examples of off-the-charts results that he had personally witnessed from men who used the push-up alone. The first was his friend Jack King of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, who was recovering from a near-death experience and found he could no longer do any upper body weight training exercises. By that he meant none. No flat benches, inclines, declines—nothing. So Mr. Starr said that his friend improvised and did a partial push-up with his feet on a bench and his hands on blocks to take the pain and pressure off his wrists. Slowly but steadily Mr. King worked up to four sets of 150 repetitions. His payoff was rather astounding. Mr. King went on to win several physique contests, including the Masters Mr. America.”

Now, almost six years later, I decided to do a follow-up with Mr. King and see how well he is doing. So on Tuesday of this week (March 31), I gave him a call and talked to him at length. It was a wonderful and inspiring phone conversation. Seriously, you could not talk to a finer man than Jack King. True to form, he told me that his focus on the push-up yielded results that were astounding and far beyond anything that he could have imagined. In fact, he won his division (the Tall Man’s Division) of the Masters Mr. America on three separate occasions and had won the overall title on one occasion.

But then he told me about something else that truly amused him. He said that on many occasions several people would come up to him after the contest and ask specifically how it was that he attained such superb development of his chest and shoulders. When he told them it was due to a program that focused exclusively on push-ups, he said they would give him an incredulous look as if to say, “You just don’t want to give away your secret.” But as Mr. King said on numerous occasions, it was the push-up that he performed on Wednesdays and Saturdays that was his “secret” and was responsible for his extraordinary development as well as his extraordinary lung capacity. After all, you can’t be doing 1,000 to 2,000 push-ups in a single workout in sets of 100 or more without having a superbly developed cardiovascular system.

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