Push-Ups: Full Extension or Limited Range?

Jim Forystek
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Push-Ups: Full Extension or Limited Range?

Some time ago I posted a short clip of Master Jhoon Rhee performing a set of 100 very short, limited-range (I’d say about a third of the way down) Push-Ups (Click Here to View the Clip) Master Rhee performs 10 sets of 100 such Push-Ups each day. Those partial-range Push-Ups, which some would say “aren’t deep enough,” have given him a level of strength and vitality that most men one third his age don’t have. So obviously Master Rhee has discovered the ultimate formula for HIMSELF.

Football great Herschel Walker says he performs 1,500 limited-range (by his own admission) Push-Ups each day and 2,000 crunches. Once again, if somebody argues that “they’re not deep enough,” I am sure Mr. Walker could not care less. Why? Because he has discovered his own “can’t argue with the results” personal formula.

Ted Skup, author of Death, Taxes, and Push-Ups, performs 1,000 Push-Ups each day, and recommends that when performing Push-Ups one should descend halfway down until the elbow and forearms are at a 90 degree angle and the body is parallel to the floor. Obviously, that’s a great personal formula for Ted Skup because the man is in awesome shape.

For me personally, it totally depends on the variation I’m doing on any given day. Sometimes I’ll do 1,000, but I may do less if I am using the Warrior Power Ts on Atlas-style extended range Push-Ups. That’s because Push-Ups using Power Ts require many times the amount of strength, focus, and intensity as do any other variation that I perform.

I personally think that the more full-range the Push-Up, the fewer reps are necessary. Also, the more the muscles are held in high tension, as happens and is required in performing Push-Ups on the Power Ts, the fewer reps are necessary—or even POSSIBLE!

That’s not an overstatement. Just FACT!—J.P.

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