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  4. I want to Help my son train for track
  5. The Rarámuri/Tarahumara 'The Running People'
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  17. High Scool CC runner helps injured opponent
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  26. Rebuttal on C. McDougalls NYT Article by S. Magness, Pysiologists
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  30. sufficient mileage for our system
  31. StepUp question for inclement weather
  32. tower block running!
  33. Scientists Kick off Debate Over Barefoot Running
  34. 90 Minutes of Running: 3x30 or 2x45? Does it Matter?
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  39. Dick and Rick Hoyt- Great Video
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  51. Diet Tip from Ultra Marathoner -Scott Jurek- Vegan
  52. Dr M and Slow Weight Lifting and the Sprint 8
  53. New Drone to Help Runners Keep Steady Pace
  54. Will Training Like A Pro Athlete help you Live longer??
  55. 4 Points to Good Form
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  57. Strength Training Improves Running Economy
  58. Scientist has only GOOD things to say about Running
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  60. Lasting Images of the 2012 Olympics
  61. changed it up
  62. Posterior Chain(Butt, Hammies, Back)
  63. The Last 5K of a Marathon and Cardiac Arrest
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  65. 7 Reasons We Eat So Much Manufactured and Processed Foods
  66. Run for Your Life - at a comfortable pace and not too far
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  68. One Running Shoe in the Grave
  69. 120 Pound Journey
  70. What exercises would you do to augment running?
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  72. Better Squatting for Better Running
  73. Galen Rupp World Class Runners Strength Workout
  74. High School Girl runs 4:32.7 for the Mile/ New US Record
  75. World's Oldest Marathoner to Retire 101
  76. Isometrics for Tendonits
  77. Life is Tough
  78. One of the Best Sports Moments
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  80. How to build your running to sprints
  81. Good video on bodyweight exercises for track
  82. 5k Training Made Simple
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  84. Spirit of the Marathon II
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  86. Cross Fit Push Up Malarky for Runners
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  88. Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
  89. You Need Long Duration, Low intensity Cardio
  90. Extreme Endurance Exercise
  91. The Slower Generation
  92. Ed Whitlock 82 year old Hero of the Marathon
  93. MArathon World Record- 2:03:23
  94. Doug Kurtis, 61 has run 76 sub 2:20 Marathons and 199 sub 3 hour
  95. Coyote races high school kids at the Arizona State CC meet
  96. My Thanksgiving Turkey Trot Story
  97. Fat Burning-Low or High Intensity???
  98. 4 reasons Running is Good for Weightloss
  99. The Skinny on Skinny
  100. Running Legend Craig Virgin Calls For More Transparency Revealing The Medications And
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  103. Sudden Cardiac Death- Basketball Players Top List
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  115. A 5k and Transformetrics
  116. Study: Running May Reverse Aging, walking does not??
  117. E:60 Catching Kayla
  118. McFarland Movie- Great Movie
  119. Proactive Coach-- Great Source if your a Coach/Teacher
  120. 95 year old sprinter breaks 200 meter record
  121. 5 Myths About Distance Running
  122. Lew Hollander 84 year old Triathlete- Inspiring!
  123. Not running long but running fast ( well hopefully!)
  124. Age Group Rivals Tie in Epic Race
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  126. Ran a 6:31 mile today
  127. Runners Posture/Strectching Back/Psoas
  128. First marathon.A tough one as well!
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  132. Full Body Strength for Better Running
  133. 72 year old runs 5:29 Mile- Does BW Exercises
  134. Impose Your Will by Inky Johnson
  135. 73 year old sets record at Western States 100
  136. 99 Year old walks 6 miles to see wife and does push ups