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Not so newbie just ordered IsoBelt
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09-10-2017, 04:10 PM
I've known of this method for so long, but was never in a place to fully focus. No excuse, but suffice to say I am ready. At 54 yrs of age and 5'11" 230. My goal is 160lbs. High School weight. Lean. Feeling good. I am vegan for many reasons, one being meat is hard for me to digest. Not to mention my personal believes on loving animals. I just ordered the IsoBelt. I have all yours books except GUTS. I figured I start with building my pushups first from the PushUp book. And also doing the Magnificent Seven a few times a day. Once I can get to 100 pushups straight, then bringing in the isobelt. Sound like a good start? I'd appreciate any guidance. I truly want to master my body for life. I also look forward to your new book coming out Mr. Peterson.

Thank you
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