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"Intensity Trumps Duration All Day Long"
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04-18-2018, 09:54 AM
Hello Everyone,

A few days ago I had been sent a short video clip in which Anthony Robbins pushed a man through a grueling 15 minute workout. It was clearly evident that Robbins believes and teaches that Isometric Contraction is the most result producing strength training modality that one can incorporate for achieving maximum benefit with least amount of trauma. At the beginning of the clip Robbins made the assertion, "Intensity trumps duration all day long."

This is the clip: ( watch it carefully and listen to every word--it's a little over 4-minutes total.)

Today I have been asked specifically if I agree "Intensity trumps duration all day long."

Answer: For achieving Strength and stimulating maximum male hormone production---ABSOLUTELY! This does not relate to enhancing balance, flexibility, endurance, speed, coordination or other athletic attributes but only strength, muscle density and stimulating youthful hormone production. For that purpose, "intensity trumps duration all day long."

But realize that Robbins is not the first to make that assertion. In fact, the most convincing statements that I had ever heard relating to Isometric Contraction were from coach James A Baley. He told me in the most matter of fact manner imaginable during one of our discussions that he had seen several athletes achieve the kind strength and physique enhancement in just 3 months of 25 minute workouts with an Isometric Power Belt that would require workouts lasting more than 2 hours and three years of training with conventional barbell and dumb bell training. The added benefit was that Isometrics could be performed daily and did not diminish speed, or flexilbility while stabilizing joints and tendons.(Something coach Baley believed was very important) He also told me that for athletes wanting to achieve a level of extraordinary strength while being able to compete in a much lighter weight class that nothing that he had ever seen could come close to Isometric Contraction for that stated purpose. To make his point he told me about a wrestler that he had once coached that wrestled at 138 pounds that had the strength of most competitive wrestlers that weighed 170 or more. He told me that this particular wrestler would have become an Olympic Champion had he not died in Viet Nam. There was however one draw back to Isometrics that he had seen repeatedly and he said that it was motivation because there is no visual reinforcement in terms of being able to measure how much weight you are moving or how many times you are moving it. This in fact, was the only drawback that Coach Baley saw with Isometrics. He actually stated, "Isometrics are without equal for smart people but they're worthless for morons that can't think." He went on to say, "I could tell just by the questions asked whether a guy was a moron or not. As soon as a guy got stuck on the question 'how do you measure it?' I knew there was no point in further discussion." I laughed when he told me that.

---John Peterson

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