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Erectile Dysfunction A Modern Epedmic?
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05-16-2018, 08:52 AM
Hello Everyone,

I received this link about 4 hours ago.

The man that sent it to me (age 32) told me that he had been one of those afflicted until a few months ago and that by changing a single behavior not mentioned in the article that his sex drive and ability to become sexually aroused went through the roof. What did he do?

Answer: He quit watching on line porn. He wrote that he had watched on line porn daily since he was 15 years old and that he began having erectile dysfunction issues about 5 years ago after being married for 2 years. At the time he didn't make the connection that porn was destroying his libido and it progressively got worse. In fact, at first, he actually started watching more porn in order to get himself aroused which he said could happen while watching porn but not when he was alone with his wife to whom he has been married for 7 years. It was with the help of a therapist that he discovered just how detrimental porn was to his libido and he believes that the reason so many men are having this problem in their 30's is because they have grown up watching inter net porn most of their lives.

My take: I can easily believe that what he states is a very real problem. It certainly isn't the first time I have read about this being related to erectile dysfunction and if you add it to the other issues discussed in the article it certainly makes sense that it would only exacerbate the problem.

One other thing that I believe is also related to the on line pornography issue is the extraordinary increase in the number of female teachers that have been caught having sex with teenage boys. It must be far more rampant than anyone imagines because in spite of the huge increase reported in recent years, I doubt that the vast majority are ever discovered.

---John Peterson

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