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Full Body: Special Emphasis Arms & Core
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12-04-2017, 03:08 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have been asked about specialization programs for the new Isometric Power Belt and the answer is that I have more than 100 photos to shoot showing all the angles for all the exercises.

Believe me, I cover every single body part very thoroughly.

I do want to mention one thing and that is that E-V-E-R-Y exercise thoroughly engages the core (abs, lower back, hips and glutes) as well as the arms and legs. Seriously, I cannot think of any program that I have ever seen that offers any where near the whole body intensity that my Isometric PowerBelt offers.

Even if you were to do nothing more than 10 contractions of the Full Body Iso-Power Belt Contraction as I teach the full body contraction you would be awed by how much development that you will achieve from that one exercise you engage your entire body at an intensity you never imagined possible.

---John Peterson
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