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My Accelerated Tension Tiger Moves
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03-16-2017, 06:39 PM
Hello Friends,

Back in 2011, I posted my Accelerated Tension Tiger Move protocol. It was similar to Solytrain's 5-6-7 protocol
but utilized 6 continuous sets performed as one at various levels of tension.

Here is a link to the original post:
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11-14-2011, 10:56 AM

Hey Friends,

I was talking with my friend Rod Fisher about Pyramid Training as related to DVR/VRT. To put it simply it is an incredible technique for those that have the mental tenacity to do it. But it is exceedingly difficult to do.

This is how it is performed.

Instead of performing 3 X 10 - 12 reps per set at moderate tension for everyday strength and fitness purposes as John Mc Sweeney taught, one will instead perform one continuous set of 30-36 reps. This delivers an extraordinary pump, Incredible strength, super human endurance and a level of mental focus that is like a laser beam as one learns to tune out everything but the exercise being performed from one's consciousness.

The first 6 reps are performed at light tension concentrating on smooth flawless form, deep breathing and enhanced blood flow. The second six reps are performed at medium tension and once again focusing on deep breathing and enhanced blood flow into the muscles. The third series of six is performed at high tension concentrating on the muscles contracting and relaxing while breathing deeply, the fourth series is performed at ultra high tension while focusing on deep breathing and contracting the muscles with as much contractile power as possible. The fifth series is then performed at medium tension to allow the blood flow back into the muscles while breathing deeply and the final series of six is performed at light tension. All in all 36 total reps that deliver an incredible pump, while simultaneously building super strength and super endurance while developing the ability to focus one's mind like a laser.

Points to remember: Make sure that you are breathing deeply the entire time when you perform this technique. You will be awed by the results. In fact, at first you may need to perform fewer reps and gradually build up to the full 36 reps. I find this technique to be extraordinary in terms how my muscles look and feel not to mention an enhanced mood. Simply put, this kind of Mind/Muscle exercise is a superior mood elevator. Give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

---John Peterson

I received a few private e-mails telling me the method was too intense. for me it was just right.

---John Peterson


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