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Training for the Martial Arts
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05-14-2018, 05:50 AM
Hi All

Wanted to ask you John (as well as any others here with a martial arts background):

I have recently been lacking in motivation to train - have been for months now, so to give me something to train for I have signed up for a big martial arts event at the end of September.

As soon as I did that my motivation has skyrocketed and I feel I have a reason to train. Not only that but I have decided that after the event i am going to open up my own Kenpo club again.

For the past few years I have just training for athetics and health/fitness (on and off), but now my main focus is going to be for Martial Arts fitness, strength and power.

I was wondering if anyone here have trained for similar a thing? I know in the past John has mentioned that he used to teach martial arts - I was wondering if your physical training was any different then to what it is now (or when you weren't teaching)?

I was thinking of daily isometrics, daily Miracle 7 and then perhaps then a full body bodyweight workout 3 times a week. Cardio coming from bag work and Kenpo Forms. I could even do my forms slowly with tension added.

I also have about 12 - 15 lbs of fat I want to lose, but I think that will come as a result of training anyway.

Any thoughts, ideas and insights welcome.

- Kenpopaul
Everything is possible to the person who believes
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