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Upper back exercise on the floor
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05-17-2017, 02:42 PM
During the last two weeks I focused on isometric exercises using the Power Belt, utilizing the 5-6-7 protocol. I always include the "big 5"-exercises with the belt (squat, deadlift, bent over rows, chest press, shoulder press) and add some more exercises, depending on my time frame and my energy levels.

However, I like to flip in some isotonic exercises in between the isometric holds, especially (standard) pushups and hindu-squats. Due to the "rowing" movement of the arms I found the hindu squats to be a great exercise for loosening up the upper back and posture correction. As far as I have a pullup bar or table available I enjoy inverted rows as well, but when I'm working out somewhere in nature (or at work) I sometimes even miss a bar, tree or table.

On the internet I found an exercise which is called "Bodenrudern" in German, I could not figure out the English term but you can simply google for pictures (I wasn't sure if I'm allowed to post pictures from the web here on the forum). It seems to be very easy to learn but still effective: you lie on your back on the floor, press your elbows in the ground and arch your back in a hollow position while tensing the lats. You could practice it as an isometric hold or move up and down. To make it even harder, take your feet off the ground or your butt. To make it easier you could do it leaning against a wall.

I'm sure most of you are familiar to this exercise. What is your take on it? Do you consider it save / effective long term?
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