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Over Work'd-Over Commit'd-Over Whelm'd
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02-09-2018, 01:01 PM
Hello Everyone,

We are living at a time that is overwhelming so many people that they literally don't know which end is up. And the fact of the matter is that it will not slow down and as a result a huge number of people will experience a breakdown in their ability to cope. When I was a boy this condition was referred to as a nervous breakdown. It was serious then and it is no less serious today.

Question: What do YOU do when YOU feel that YOU have no control over your life?

Answer: This feeling of helplessness and the doom and gloom that goes with it is a very serious condition and has fostered hopelessness in millions and will continue to foster hopelessness and a suicidal tendency in more and more people.

This is why everyone needs to pull back and reclaim control over their OWN lives. Everyone desperately needs to reclaim focus in a world that is moving far too fast for anyone to assimilate and because of it people are experiencing a sense of hopelessness.

Where to start? Physically reassert control. Start by commiting yourself to 3 sets of 10 Tiger Moves each day. This is something YOU can control. YOU will see results and it will become more and more apparent to YOU that YOU can reclaim control over more of your life than you previously thought. WHY Tiger Moves?

Because they require NOTHING accept your ability to focus on contracting and relaxing your muscles AND because they teach YOU to not rely any external equipment or measurement. YOU literally become master of YOU. As You master the SEVEN Tiger Moves you can expand them to the Living Strength 12 Tiger Moves Circuit as well as add Isometrics. BUT start with the Seven and get the most you can from them each day. The Key is developing Self Reliance.

Do the same with meditation/prayer and scripture reading. Start with a 5 minute daily commitment and add on from there. Keep a written journal and be certain to write down every time that YOU reasserted control over YOUR life. BECOME aware of every time YOU said NO and took back control. It may have been as simple as turning off the computer and picking up a book and choosing self empowerment over self destructive behaviors.

Example: Here is an excellent Audio Program that YOU can kick back and listen to with ear phones that will help you understand what must be done to reassert control over your life. It is the audio version of Napolean Hill's classic master piece, " Out Witting the Devil". Thus is just one example of a huge number that are readily available to you.

---John Peterson
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