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Steroids: A Confession From a Friend
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07-14-2017, 09:50 AM
Hello Friends,

When I was 19 Years Old I got a girl pregnant. It altered my life in a huge way. I remember very clearly telling Uncle Wally about it. After listening patiently he said, "Well Jackson, the University of Hard Knocks (real life) works just the opposite of any other school. At the University of Hard Knocks you get the test first and then the lesson afterward." He was absolutely right.

In one way or another everyone of us has experienced 'The University of Hard Knocks' and some of us to the point of having achieved our Ph.D. though none of us ever really graduate.

I mention this because I received an e-mail from a really courageous man today. A man that I admire. A man that is unwilling to hide behind excuses but is facing life head on.

This is what he wrote me in part:

I have spoken to you over the phone a couple of times and many times via email and through this forum and value your friendship and advice you have given over the years.

When I went through a devastating time in my life 5 years ago your help and advice really helped me through my binge of over eating, drinking and pot smoking! Something I eventually got a handle on and is a thing of the past.

Anyway - as I have mentioned to you before every now and then I seem to go through a period where I want to go back to the gym and so have a few months where I do and get great results, I like the feel of weights and always start off with light weight high reps as well as body weight training. No problem there, but then I get caught up in the whole bodybuilding world and mentality and before I know it I am lifting heavier and heavier and buying in to the usual bullshit that comes with bodybuilding.

This time though I actually started taking Steroids! Something I never thought I would do. I did lots of research and took all the precautions etc. Even got check ups from my doctor etc. I did two cycles of Dianabol at a low dosage of 40mg a day for 8 weeks the first cycle and 6 weeks the 2nd.

I then had to take the other drugs afterwards to kick start my testosterone again and had the ups and downs of that emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I am not proud of my actions and will never take them again! I am glad in a way that I did and feel I have got this out of my system as it's always something I wanted to do to see what it was like. But I also know I was STUPID to do so.

Anyway I can't change the past, it's done and I feel I needed to get this off my chest to somebody. Sorry you are that somebody!

I actually have gone from 185lbs to 210lbs!! I know a lot of this is water weight but even after the 1st cycle I went back down to 195lbs and seemed to stay there. My body fat increased a little, but not much.

Anyway I feel my body has been hammered, my CNS is tired and I just want to put this behind me and get back to a natural level again. I am hoping this is possible! At 40 years old I felt amazing on the steroids (like an 18 year old again), which is why I can understand why they're so addictive to some people.

Can you offer me any advice on what to do here? I know your upcoming book deals with a lot of this, so will be getting that once it's released, but in the meantime could you give me some pointers on how to get my body back to how it should be (and better) for my age.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

I don't mind you using my story on the forum, but obviously perhaps change a few things to avoid anyone I know reading it and knowing it's about me.

First off, I totally get it! I really do. With all the messages that we are bombarded with via the various types of media we are all being indoctrinated into accepting viewpoints being expressed by people with an agenda. Take for example the movies of today. In just about every action movie (and a huge number of others that are not action movies) we find actors that are jacked up on steroids. NO QUESTION ABOUT IT! We see it everywhere. In fact, if you go to The Daily Mail UK online you will often see articles featuring physical transformations of guys that are flabby and soft that are totally transformed in 8 weeks or less. Truth to tell this level of change can only happen with chemical enhancement but we are never told that.

Why am I making this point?

Because in order for YOU to make it through this life with your SOUL intact you will need to discern the truth and develop the ability to reject the lies and falsehood that masquerades as the truth. TRUTH is higher than any precept or religion because it is irrefutable. What the man in the letter has already stated tells me that HE has awakened. He is now coming to a place of self knowledge that is truly amazing. I say Bravo!

Now as relates to 'Living Strength' I will say this. Living Strength is the culmination of everything I have learned to maintain a level of strength and youthfulness that tests out as decades younger. There are no shortcuts. It requires superior nutrition, superior exercise and the ability to CONTROL YOUR OWN MIND and what you allow into it because ultimately your thoughts become you. IF you allow contradictory thoughts into your mind from every end of the spectrum you will become so muddled up that you will not know which end is up. You will then be living in a state of confusion. Now, look around YOU and notice how many are living in confusion and being lead from one thing to the next and the next and so on. It's literally what the Apostle Paul referred to in 2 Timothy 3:7 when he stated: "always learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth."

Here's the bottom line: I don't claim to have all the answers but in Living Strength you will find no confusion because I AM NOT CONFUSED. However, I wasn't born yesterday, there are those that like their confusion and my response to them is: "Keep it to Yourself--I want nothing to do with your brand of idiocy."

---John Peterson

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