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John, Have You Ever Used Kratom?
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08-11-2017, 04:15 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have been asked if I use Kratom.

The answer is NO.

I have not personally but my wife Denise has a friend, Megan, that has used Kratom for several years now and swears by it. The lady has had a great number of issues to deal with including chronic pain and clinical depression that has been a part of her families history. The interesting thing is that Megan was able to get off of all chemical anti-depressants and has had no problem at all with anxiety or depression since she has been taking Kratom. It also helped with her insomnia and for all intents and purposes has 'cured' it. She is an avid distance runner and says that it has improved her running performance and recovery a great deal.

I also have a friend that is a medical doctor that uses Kratom daily and he too swears by it saying that it improves cognitive function and the ability to concentrate. Scott also recommends it to patients that have arthritis and forms of chronic pain and says that at the right dosage it has marvelous pain relieving and anti inflammation properties.

The only reason that I have not taken Kratom is because I have never felt a need for it.

The variety that Scott recommends is Maeng Da which is a green powder.

---John Peterson
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