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Tension Exercises
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04-14-2018, 10:48 PM
Tension exercises, both dynamic and static, are a thousands of year old exercise principle that has been adapted by various individuals and groups for different purposes throughout history. They develop you from the inside/out and are mind based. "Nothing happens in the body that doesn't happen first in the mind"

Tension exercises rush new mental images and ideas along the neural highway, past the preprogrammed emotional brakes, to the center of the mind which is the executive control system of our total being both conscious and subconscious.

They get the power of the both conscious and subconscious minds in harmony and combine their strengths

Swoboda adapted them to help people adapt to the rapidly changing world during the industrial revolution and appropriately named his version of tension exercises "Conscious Evolution" .They are equally valuable in helping us adapt to today's rapidly changing society and world.
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