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'Do YOU Know How Galen Gough Died?"
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01-20-2018, 10:17 AM
Hello Everyone,

I just received an e-mail asking me if I know how Galen Gough had died.

Answer: YES! I do.

A few years back I had a phone conversation with Galen Gough's son Wallace, I also had our own Gordon Anderson on that same call. Wallace was a very well spoken and congenial sort of man and it was easy for Gordan and I to have a conversation with him.

As relates to how Wallace's father died he told us the following.

He said that his father had injured himself performing one of his tremendous feats of strength in the late 30's or perhaps early 40's ( he wasn't certain of the date) and developed a hernia as a result. He said that his father never had it surgically corrected and then in 1962 it became strangulated. At that point infection set in and an emergency operation was performed to try and stem the infection and correct the hernia. It was too late and as a result his father, Galen Gough, died on the operating table.

Bottom line: tremendous feats of strength and extreme forms of training do not safeguard health and do not protect the body from injury. Quite the opposite. They often set a body up for severe injury.

---John Peterson
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