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A Daily Foundation
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01-19-2018, 02:14 PM
Hello Everyone,

I received an e-mail from a young man today that is completely confused and stifled as a result. So much so that he does not know where to begin.

Truth to tell, I think one of the factors that defines the time that we are living in today is a state of CONFUSION. Confusion that is the direct result of having far too much information and too many options at our disposal and that is far beyond our ability to process.

I mention the above for just one reason. As stated above we have an entire generation that is so overwhelmed with contradictory information that they flat-out do not know how to train, eat for health or even where to begin due to having too much contradictory information.

The young man mentioned above literally asked me, "Where do I start?"

My response. "Johnny, YOU'RE a victim of 'paralysis by analysis'. Paralysis by analysis is the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome due to over thinking everything.

So let me give you some advice.

1) The best way to start is to start performing the Full Body Isometric Contraction a dozen times each day. Just go to our archives and read about it.

2) Next, You need to have a daily 'Foundation Training Routine' and that is exactly what you will find with the Seven Tiger Moves. John McSweeney, the famed martial artist that developed the Tiger Moves told me that he created Tiger Moves to give him a Foundation Training routine that would develop and maintain his strength and fitness at high level, sculpt his muscles, and keep him strong and healthy for life. The Seven Tiger Moves were John's answer. He also told me that after performing them for a year he discovered they made him stronger, fitter and far enduring than any other training method he had ever performed and best thing of all was that he accomplished the entire seven exercise training routine in just 15 minutes each day by performing 3 sets of 10 repetitions of each exercise circuit style with no rest between sets. Unlike weights or machines Tiger Moves allowed for immediate adjustment of tension without having to break one's training tempo. John was extremely strong and his karate strikes were amazingly powerful. He knocked a focus pad out of my hand with a Leopard Palm strike that was nothing less than amazing. The reason I'm telling you this is because I want YOU to realize how simple and uncomplicated good training truly is.

So, from now on, instead of giving in to confusion, just commit to dozen full body Isometric contractions each day and the series of Seven Tiger Moves by performing 3 X 10 of the Seven Tiger Moves each and every day and you will have accomplished a wonderful muscle awareness and muscle sculpting workout. You can always expand your routine and add more exercises as you desire or add anything else that you would like to add. BUT this is your daily foundation

---John Peterson

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Michael Beasley Michael Beasley is offline
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01-19-2018, 06:20 PM
John, great advice. Since I first obtained PYTP from you, I have had periods of time where I did nothing but DVR movements for weeks at a time. I always got good results.
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TimK TimK is offline
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01-21-2018, 09:34 AM
Some of this overwhelming information about working out is your fault. You have been instrumental in introducing us to DVRs, DSRs, Isometrics, pushups and in general calisthenics. For this I thank you, but for some it is overwhelming.
At lunch the other day you heard me tell my minister who was recalcitrant to begin your style of working out, that after I met you at that health expo, I never lifted a weight again. But your books and this web-site contains lots of information and choices. For some it is just too much. Your "paralysis by analysis" is not a bad term. I prefer "over thinking the problem." START DOING SOMETHING!!
My thought is that the workout that you do is "the best" workout. Because one has to start somewhere.
When I first bought your books, I kind of confused DVRs with DSRs. It took a while to figure out the "Miracle Seven" verses the information you gave us on Charles Atlas workouts. However, I did not "overthink" the problem. I was doing DVRs and some DSRs and a few pushups in the same workout. Over a period of months I started to get a fix on, or more correctly "my" fix on the different workout options. It took time. With practice people will figure it out. They just have to "do it," whatever "it" is.
So you are taking Mr. Paralysis by Analysis by the hand and giving him a starting point. That seems to be a good enough starting point. Hopefully he won't believe that he is limited to just those workout modalities.

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