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A Powerful Neck Can Save Your Life
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03-13-2018, 10:11 PM
For nearly 13 years I have trained in many aspects of fitness but I haven't found something as truly important; health and fitness wise than the training of the neck.

It is by far the most neglected set of muscles in the entire realm of fitness in the technological age. There are certain exercises one shouldn't do to the neck because of various injuries that are very severe in many cases but yet there are ways to work other exercises if you're in a healthy state.

I have held bridges, done isometrics, self resistance and even challenging the norm by stretching the neck in the headstand. I don't recommend them all but the self resistance and isometric holds give you the greatest control on how you work the muscles.

If there ever was a symbol of the meaning to the term Protective Strength in the living strength arsenal, this is it. I have never sustained a neck injury because of what I have consistently done to my neck. This is without weights or external apparatus.
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03-14-2018, 09:55 AM

What YOU have stated is 100% TRUE and SPOT ON!

You have not seen my course BUT in 'LIVING STRENGTH: POWER SECRETS FROM THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH' I have made THE NECK the foundation of ALL training.

My NECK COMPLEX is both DYNAMIC and ISOMETRIC and there is ONE EXERCISE more than any other that is foundational to it that three medical doctors and two chiropractors have warned me about recommending. YOU can guess which one.

IN SPITE OF THAT I AM RECOMMENDING 'THE BOWSTRING' (Not necessarily-nose to mat) but only to the point that one's own physiology allows.

WHY? Because I have learned that no other exercise will correct the constant downward pull of gravity that causes postural changes that will ultimately cause a sagging and settling of all internal organs AND thus accelerate what is referred to as aging and decrepitude. Carefully applied Neck Training can and will reverse this condition to a great extent. The Bowstring (in my case---NOSE TO MAT Bridging) Isometrically re-sets that entire Spinal, Nerve and Muscle structure as it rejuvenates the spine and causes it to become elastic, flexible and youthful. This in turn multiplies nerve force and resets the entire body's physiology. IT does have to be addressed with great caution because of the fact that the neck has been the most neglected body part in all of physical culture.

Bottom line: YOU are 100% correct---The NECK---Is the most neglected part of Physical Culture and IT IS the MOST IMPORTANT and ESSENTIAL. Thank YOU for posting what you have about the neck.

---John Peterson

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