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When GUTS is too much.
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03-11-2018, 12:12 PM

When the GUTS book was released it was a quality product. However when something like this drops through the letter box there is a temptation to drop everything and go straight into it.

However if the book is read in conjunction with the posts on here then one realises that the book is a template that we adapt to our lives,our energy levels and circumstances.This is not too diminish the book in any way but to simply say that we must use our intelligence.

I do GUTS 2-3 times a week but I do the following;

25 push ups
50 sit ups
25 push ups
150 squats
25 push ups
50 sit ups
25 push ups

I do not do Milo but at the end I do pull ups .I normally do 5x4x3x2x1

That is enough for me.On other days I run easily for 12-15 minutes.

This works for me at the age of 53.Never compare yourself to others .Do what works for you.

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