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A change is as good as rest.
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05-27-2018, 01:31 PM

Continuing the theme of recent posts it is important to mention that every now and then it is ok to give push ups,,squats,pull ups and isometrics a miss every now and then.

The world will not stop turning,you will not turn into a fat slob overnight and you will not lose muscle mass.

Have a week where you walk 3- 4 miles a day or cycle every day.Swim or hike .Do something active. Then come back and do GUTS or your own circuit.Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Life is not linear.Nor is exercise. If your general pattern is good then do not fear a change for several days.
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05-27-2018, 06:58 PM
Hello Eddy1,

Excellent advise!

Thank You. Changing it up from time to time is absolutely essential for body,mind & spirit.

---John Peterson
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05-28-2018, 11:13 AM
It is generally accepted the we cannot exert over 30% or our potentail strength. The reason for this limitation is the mental or psychological brakes that we have acquired during our socialization process while maturing that inhibit us. During this process we acquire all kinds it cautionary advice or information that limits us from using our total potential strength.

From time to time we hear about people who are able to extert a much higher percentage of their potential strength due to a crisis that risks their own life or that of a loved one. The intensity of the emotions during such a crisis allow the individual to break through the psychological brakes and release more or all of their potential strength. However during this process they frequently injure themselves as their bodies have not been conditioned to handle the increased stress.

We also hear about people who are mentally deranged, not having developed an internal braking system. We find such people in mental institutions or in prison and because they can't hold back their percentage of strength they frequently hurt themselves during their rages. Law enfocement refers to such individuals as “Mentals”

To break through these strength linitations we have to be able to use our “Creative Imagination” and visualize ourselves moving the resistance through the range of motion, whatever it may be, while using self created internal tension or Dynamic Tension. When we are intentionally releasing our maximum potential strength the important thing to remember is that,unlike the Mentals, we want to keep it under the control of our conscious mind so we can move in and out of that “emotional state” at will.

Breaking through the barriors that limit our strength is a very specific thing that varies from individual to individual. They are constructed over our lifetime and no two are alike. They are as unique and as individual as our genetics,environmental conditioning, and experiences.. To discover them we must dig deep though our layers of personality, history, and experience - it is the ultimate adventure into self discovery.

Once we develop the ability to do this self profiling and visualize the outcomes that we desire we will be able to apply them to analyze and overcome all types of challenging situations that we face in various diverse areas of our lives whatever they may be. It will become a powerful positive force in our life.
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