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John, Do You Think This is True?
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04-10-2018, 10:19 AM
Hello Everyone,

I was sent the following article and video clip and asked if I believe both to be true.


Video clip:

Answer: Both certainly have interesting information (much of which I believe to be true) and the video seems to have been made to reinforce the article. The part about Hugh Hefner does not surprise me in the least because I had read much the same information before regarding the prostitutes that were servicing this very strange man. (And by the way, any woman that sells herself for $2,000.00 weekly is a prostitute.)

However there are assertions made in both the article and video that are taking conclusions much too far.

Now, do I believe that porn is created to turn all men into homosexuals? That is a ridiculous assertion. No Way. That is just plain over statement.

Do I believe that porn is part of subversive plot intended by the those of the globalist agenda to destroy the family unit? It certainly seems to have that consequence whether intended or not.

Here's the deal. I am a minister of the Gospel and I am proud of that fact and I can tell you in all honesty that I NEVER messed up my life by following the Biblical morality that I knew was right as outlined in God's Word. But I certainly messed up my life when I was young and didn't follow what I knew in my heart was right.

Bottom line: Porn can destroy people just like drugs, alcohol, or any other vice but overstatement is overstatement regardless of how well intended.

---John Peterson
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04-10-2018, 12:06 PM
I basically agree with the content of those articles,but they are a drastic overstatement in my opinion. Some people will buy into anything that is against the social norm and some of them have addictive personalities.

It's ” THE LAW OF FORBIDDEN FRUIT “. Once you tell some people that they can't do something they will immediately want to do it..

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