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If You Do...It Does
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09-11-2018, 04:27 PM
Hello Friends,

Does the Isometric Blood Pressure lowering technique always work?

Answer: My good friend Dr Joel Thompson has been reviewing my Isometric Power Belt course and he called to say, "First off, if it was your intention to make this course 'Isometric Power Revolution' Part II---You have succeeded way beyond what I had imagined. It's got great content. The photos? Almost unbelievable. You're more ripped today at 66 then you were in those pictures that were taken when you were 50. You'll probably be accused of chemical enhancement." We both laughed. He then told me that the post I wrote a few days ago about my blood pressure being 110/68 (often times lower) was spot on amazing and that if he did not use the technique himself he would never have believed it.

He went on to say, "John, very seriously, in terms of an exercise that will improve everyone's health across the board, that has got to be the single most important exercise in existence...I haven't seen anything come close to it. In fact, you know that I used to tell all of my hypertensive and diabetic patients that they needed to get at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday and none of them had the energy or ability to do it because they were in such terrible shape. Now I teach them the breakthrough technique of the Full Body Isometric Contraction and it works every single time. In fact I told one man, " Don't lie to me. If you were doing the exercise I taught you, a dozen times each day, your blood pressure would be lower and I would be able to wean you off of the medication." The man apologized and promised that he would do the exercise a dozen times daily and a month later his blood pressure had dropped eight points on the systolic and four points on the diastolic. Doc tells me that he believes that the only people that the Kiveloff technique does not work for are those that are too lazy to do it. He even told me, "I've taken a half dozen people off of their meds in the last year and a half."

So does it always work? Answer: If YOU do--It does.

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