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Isometrics and Jack King
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09-11-2018, 01:19 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have received an e-mail asking me if I ever had talked with Jack King about Isometrics.

Answer: Absolutely! In fact, Jack told me that he followed an Isometric program on a power rack that was very close to a carbon copy of that that had been used by Bill March.

Jack once totaled 900 on the three Olympic Lifts. He did a snatch of 260, A Clean and Jerk of 340 and a Press of 300 at a body weight of 198 pounds. As relates to isometric contraction and Olympic lifting he told me that it was especially valuable for developing raw strength in the 'pulling motion of the "clean" and also the 'Pressing' movement that started from a dead stop after the "clean". He told me that Isometrics were the key to recruiting a maximum number of muscle fibers for the press.

He also told me that Isometrics were especially useful because they they were done without momentum. The biggest difficulty most men had was that Isometrics shortened training time about 20% to 25% of what it had been with standard workouts and that was extremely difficult for some men to adjust to as a matter of fact.

One other thing, YES! it is true that Isometrics were used with Dianabol when the records were being smashed but Bill March was only performing one standard Olympic Style Lifting workout weekly while training daily with isometrics for a fraction of the time. The results of the combination of Isometrics and D-bol were amazing.

---John Peterson

PS : Jack also told me that one of the biggest surprises of his life was when he met Bill March. Why? Because who weighed in at 200 pounds was only 5'7" tall and his proportions gave him perfect leverage for the Olympic lifts that had included a 355 press.

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