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Jock Mahoney:What Do I think of Him Now?
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09-11-2018, 05:32 PM
Hello Everyone,

I received a twisted e-mail from a troglodyte that inhabits the nether regions of the world wide web that asked, "Now that Sally Field is telling the world that her step father Jock Mahoney was banging her when she was only 14 what do you think of your favorite Tarzan now?"

Answer: We live in a 'Me Too' world at present and the idea that a woman that is at least 70 has to tell the world that she was being sexually abused by her step father when she was 14 seems to be a little strange. I also find it odd that the porn star Linda Lovelace wrote that her best lover was former Tarzan Jock Mahoney in her tell all book that my wife read years and years ago. It seems that old Jocko had an insatiable libido. Question, what good can possibly come from defaming a man that has been dead for 30 years and that can't defend himself?

The whole thing seems strange and twisted to me.

---John Peterson
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