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Isometric Protocols
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04-16-2018, 06:30 PM
Isos play a major role in development in ways many don't really understand. In a mainstream sense, the only isometrics you see are planks, holds with weight and the thought that for the most part can't take on any real strength which is total B.S.

I wrote in the tony robbins thread that the 5-6-7 works well but that specific protocol is not meant for everyone. The majority? Sure if they understand the concept and practice with great focus. Isometrics can be practiced in all sorts of ways and can yield exceptional results. The number one rule of isometrics is the breathing and the second is the amount of focus and the third is creating intensity for specific durations.

The way I practice them is to flex/push/pull/squat/grip as best as possible until an exhale is completely gone or have expelled enough which at times lasted about 10 seconds or so. Take a breather until you have that energy back and continue and so on and so forth. My results are great because of that. I have tried the 5-6-7 protocol and didn't work for me because I could never really time it right. Being intuitive is a golden rule in all aspects of fitness regardless of what it is. Am I questioning this protocol? Hell no, it works for some people like John, Soly, maybe Gordon but not everybody and my style is not meant for everyone either.

There's no reason to think Isometrics don't work and if you think they don't (telling to the general population), ask Bud Jeffries, Dennis Rogers, Otto Arco, Maxick & Gama, they thrived on Isometric Training but each individual used them in completely different ways. I always looked it as none of them are superior than the other, just worked in some form or another.

Learn the value of what always worked and adjust to your benefit, nobody else's.
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04-16-2018, 08:06 PM
Hey Benny,

Prior to Soly telling us about the 5 seconds at 50% followed by a short breath and then 6 seconds at 75% followed by a short breath and finally 7 seconds at max, I had never been exposed to the three stage 5-6-7 protocol. Considering that I may be in possession of more books on Isometrics from the 50's and 60's than just about anyone else you'd meet that says a lot about how unique the 5-6-7 protocol really is.

Soly shared it with us because he had learned it from the Mighty Atom and he told me that it's the only way he knew of to get a really great pump when performing Isometrics. From personal experience following Soly's protocol I can tell you that it has worked incredibly well for me. BUT it is a learned ability to coordinate breath and intensity simultaneously.

There is also another thing that I believe and that is that a man's maximum for 6 seconds is not going to be the same as his maximum for 2 seconds.

Finally, You make a great point that I always like to reinforce and that is that everyone needs to discover their own best way.

---John Peterson
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