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Making the Charles Atlas Exercises Work...
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07-10-2018, 03:14 PM
Hello Everyone,

I received an e-mail from a man asking me what I would do differently if I were a young kid starting out on Charles Atlas's Exercise System Today.

Truth to tell, not a whole lot different. If I were a kid today I would still want to have the input that I originally had from my grandfather and uncles that I did as a kid in1963. Why? Because just seeing the example that they set for me told me that I was following the best exercise system in the world. I had no questions, doubts or second thoughts. They were living, breathing examples of what was possible to achieve.

At the time my Grandfather started me on the course in July of that year he was just a few months away from his 70th birthday and he had the kind of lean, hard, and perfectly sculpted physique that I always aspired to having. The only thing I would do differently is to follow Dr. Laurence E. Morehouse protocols which means that I would used a weight vest for all of my upper body exercises in order to keep my reps on the Dynamic Tension Strength Calisthenics in the 15 to 20 reps range. I would have done 200+ reps on the Atlas Perpetual Lesson as a foundation during the building phase. It would have been awesome to know then what I know now.

The only other thing that I would do completely different would be to incorporate my Isometric Power Belt exercises. With those in place I could have easily achieved maximum results in a fraction of the time that I had spent on High Volume exercises. Seeing the results I have achieved today with my belt, I can just imagine what I would have done then.

---John Peterson
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