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The Foundation for Lifelong Strength
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01-18-2019, 01:42 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have been asked, "How can you keep your waistline so's unreal how small your waistline how much time do you spend exercising?"

The answer is I workout 16 hours a day consciously and 8 hours unconsciously.

Seriously, It's the TRUTH and IT IS the foundation of lifelong strength and fitness.

How so? Well, let me fill you in on something that will have a greater impact on your STRENGTH, HEALTH & LIFELONG FITNESS than anything else.


Where does it come from?

Answer: The teachings of Edwin Checkley.

Consider: Alan Calvert the founder of American Weight Lifting turned his back on the sport he helped create after he met Checkley and discovered the truth about how real strength is developed and maintained. He discovered that it was due to the habitual practice of Costal Breathing,( Costal breathing is a breathing exercise or method that uses movements of the ribs to drive both the inhale and the exhale phases of your breath. Costal breathing is sometimes referred to as diaphragmatic breathing and is also a physical speaking strategy intended to prevent and manage stuttering.) and Corrective Isometric Structural Realignment of one's Posture while sitting, standing and walking. Question: What is the basis of Corrective posture?

Answer: It's 'Isometric Structural Realignment'. That is exactly what Checkley taught and that I have practiced all my life. It is a conscious Isometric posture and breathing method that you consciously practice until it becomes a fixed habit and you are then living it 24/7 both waking and sleeping it is Isometric in that you are realigning your entire skeletal structure and are thereby exercising your muscles 24/7 to maintain it. At first, it requires great discipline and concentration but once it has become habitual your muscles will be in a state of constant Isometric tension holding the entire structure in perfect alignment and in addition, it (Costal Breathing and Isometric Structural Realignment ) naturally keeps the abdomen drawn in and the abs and lower back flat while the skeletal structure is in perfect alignment.

Read it about it here in our classics section:

After you have read the above---I then want you to read this and realize that Selma Hayek is literally following the Checkley method of exercising 24/7:

Bottom Line: What are you waiting for? I've just given you the golden key to lifelong strength---There is NO WAY that working out and performing exercises for 15 minutes or three hours daily can even remotely have the effect of practicing Costal Breathing paired with Isometric Structural Realignment 24/7.

---John Peterson

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01-20-2019, 01:51 PM
Thanks for talking about that, John.

I just started reading it, but one thing that I like is right away he calls out the Greeks and the animals that have been the inspiration of so many training methods.

Animals can do what they do, not because of any particular activity they do, but rather they were built that way. And since animals don't have laws to help keep the unfit of their species in the gene pool, the ones who have genes with poor fitness (fitness in the scientific sense here - meaning fit to survive the environment they live in) are naturally filtered out over time.

I like that Checkley kills some of those myths out of the gate. Not that some may not have been inspired observing animals at zoo's or in the wood in Wisconsin, but I always took them more as interesting stories to get us interested and try something new, rather than to be taken too literally. ala

I've been swinging in my cage and throwing my poo at visitors and yet, I still cannot do a one arm chin.

On a serious note a one arm chin is a goal of mine. Rather than prattle on here muddying this thread I'll start another about 1 arm chins.
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