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Why Roy Scheider Looked so Impressive
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10-17-2017, 04:20 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have received several complimentary e-mails thanking me for the Roy Scheider video clip. It seems that many of you appreciated the obvious superior level of functional fitness and physique that Scheider had attained.

For those that have asked me: Scheider stood 5'10" weighed 155 pounds and could not have been more than 7% body fat which equates to a mere 10.85 pounds.

Now consider this as relates to why Scheider looked so impressive.

"For men, body fat between 18 and 24 percent is considered average, reports the American Council on Exercise." So for an average man that is 5'10" that weighs 180 pounds he would be carrying 36 pounds of fat at 20% bodyfat.

Now consider: Roy Scheider at 5' 10" and 155 X 7% = 10.85 Now subtract 10.85 from 155 = 144.15 LBM

The average guy at 5'10" and 180 X 20%= 36 pounds of fat. Now subtract 36.00 from 180=144 LBM

Bottomline: Roy Scheider had as much muscle mass as the typical man weighing 180 pounds but he didn't have 36 pounds of fat covering his muscles. He looked like a Greek God because he trained like a Greek God.

---John Peterson
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