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Henry Wittenberg's Isometrics Book
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11-13-2017, 09:16 PM
Hello Everyone,

When I was 12 years old in the summer of 1965 my friend Dave Cody got the Henry Wittenberg Book titled "Isometrics". After he had it for a month he gave it to me. It was a great book over all and ahead of it's time in some ways. In fact many of the exercises found in the book could be found in the Charles Atlas Course but in the Wittenberg book the exercises were specifically taught to be done as Isometrics.

It also had it's shortcomings. For example. all the Isometrics were 'makeshift' in which you either pushed and pulled against door jams, clothesline rope or a broom handle. There was no continuity and absolutely nothing mentioned about the importance of hitting the muscles from multiple angles within a given range of motion. Not even a passing mention of this was stated. Absolutely no instruction was given about the objective of each contractiona and what it should feel like.

Wittenberg also had an excellent Iso-Tonic section that was very well thought out and it too delivered superior results.

The biggest problem with the book was the constant emphasis to move from one exercise to the next without ever telling you what the objective of the exercise was. For instance he had advanced students doing 40X feet elevated Push-Ups in 40 seconds but he never once mentioned that it was to infuse the muscle tissue with highly oxygenated blood as well as increase strength and cardio-respiratory endurance.

Had the book had a Standard Exercise Unit like the Isometric Power Belt for performing the Isometrics and 20 - 25 Isometric Contractions in each workout instead of just 10 he could have had a truly great book. As it was, there was too much that was not adequately explained. Let me also say that with the discomfort of using clothsline rope you would never be able to perform maximum contractions the way that I teach. If you think I'm wrong just try doing a curl with clothesline rope, You'll feel as though the skin is tearing.

---John Peterson

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