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Atlas III for Superior H.I.I.T.
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02-15-2017, 01:31 PM
Hey Friends,

Do any of you really think that I care that some doctor states that HIIT needs to be performed with lower body based exercises? Do any of you really believe that? Based on What?

C'mon friends, use a little logic and common sense here. Some clown is trying to tell me that when I am performing an Atlas III Push-Up going all out for 60 seconds with active rest for 180 seconds and repeating 5X that I am not getting a superior HIIT workout? Really? Well lets see him try it...any time.

Here is the deal..the Atlas III uses gravity to intensify the benefit of the Push-Up as nothing else can. You are exercising the muscles of the entire body either dynamically or Isometrically. No exercise activates the lungs so completely while infusing the entire upper body musculature with highly oxygenated blood. Rather than starving the heart for oxygen by concentrating the highly oxygenated blood in the lower body you are doing the exact opposite.

Bottom line: Don't believe morons just because they have letters after their name. Bring logic and common sense to everything you read. Keep your own Counsel. Learn to trust YOUR OWN OPINION.

---John Peterson
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