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Boosting 'Testosterone' But at What Cost?
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03-16-2017, 01:58 PM
Hey Friends,

I received an e-mail with a link to an article written by a guy that claims to be an expert at elevating Testosterone. This guy recommends all kinds of things that I never would.

For example: Squatting and Dead Lifting the heaviest weights possible for a few repetitions. Obviously, there is corroborating evidence to support what he states relative intense muscular contraction being a catalyst for one's body to produce elevated levels of testosterone and HGH. However, the wear and tear to the spine and joints associated could cause more problems than it ever solves. NOTE: It is not the weight that creates the result but the intensity of the muscular contraction involved.

For that reason I'd rather use Isometric Contraction with an Isometric Power Belt to accomplish the same levels of intensity safely with no spinal compression or wear and tear to the joints. One other thing, Lifting extremely heavy weights is not doing anyone's internal organs a favor as is obvious when someone sustains a hernia. Not to mention what happens to your blood pressure as the result of being under a constant heavy load with no way to release the tension while bearing the weight.

Now, the above isn't what I was taking exception to in this thread. He states lots of truth. What I take exception to is his recommendation to watch porn videos to elevate testosterone.

Note: Am I denying that watching porn will elevate testosterone production? No! But it isn't long term even according to the study cited and it has loads of other terrible consequences associated with it when someone becomes a porn addict.

Bottom line: You will never see me recommend anything to elevate your testosterone or HGH that cannot be done safely and for the long term and by that I mean the balance of your life. Whether you take testosterone by injection, HG by injection or use porn or anything else that becomes a form of enslavement you'll never see me recommend it.

---John Peterson

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