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Living Strength Workouts
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06-16-2017, 02:36 PM
Hello Everyone,

This is in answer to a question about Living Strength Workouts.

The workouts are divided into three sections:

#1) Minimalist with no equipment required other than 2 or 3 chairs. These workouts focus exclusively on the Charles Atlas exercises that I have mastered since I was a kid. The results are amazing to say the very least when properly implemented. Personally, I have always thought there is something extraordinary and highly desirable about workouts that require nothing other than your own body weight and mastery of it's latent muscular power to create extreme fitness.

#2) Weight Vest Same exercises as those performed above only while wearing a weight vest that is loaded to anywhere from 10% to 33% of your body's weight. This will automatically activate all muscles involved in stabilizing the body through multiple planes of movement. Extraordinary for all Pushing and Pulling Exercises.

#3) Isometric Power Belt Exercises These are energization exercises. They are without equal. If your goal is super strength and fat loss---THIS IS WHERE YOU START.

---John Peterson
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