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Superior Development From 100 Push-Ups
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06-17-2017, 03:22 PM
Hello Everyone,

I was talking with Tim Kaine about the number of push-ups required for great results. Tim has achieved fantastic chest and shoulder development from averaging over 300 daily. The Push-Ups have also healed his shoulders. Tim was wondering because he told me he had seen someone on youtube that is telling the world about his fantastic results from performing just 100 reps daily for a year.

So how about it, is 100 reps enough to yield great results?

Answer: Absolutely! But only to a point.

There are several things necessary to achieve fantastic results from any exercise and the Push-Up is no exception. One is intensity. The muscles must be activated and contracted at a level that is intense enough to stimulate adaptation through added growth. At the same time they must be infused with highly oxygenated blood that delivers both growth and healing factors. Without the infusion of blood to create a high level blood infusion or "pump" growth won't happen. You also need superior hormone boosting nutrition because ultimately it is your male hormones or lack of male hormones that will determine whether you build muscle or not. You also are limited by how quickly your muscles and nervous system recover from the stimulus provided through your exercise.

Bottomline: It isn't nearly as much about the number of sets and repetitions as it is about whether or not the stimulus is intense enough to require adaptation facilitated through high levels of HGH, Testosterone and healing factors delivered via the bloodstream.

So will 100 Push-Ups produce great results? Once again, Absolutely! To a point!

But in time as the muscles become used to 100 reps daily you won't be achieving added stimulus and growth. You certainly won't lose anything either as long as you persist but enhanced results will not be forthcoming unless you do something to stimulate further development. This can be done through increasing the number of sets and reps per set and often times men will discover that they have achieved a level of development they are extremely pleased with once they get up to somewhere between 200 and 500 reps daily.But even then will always reach a point at which their development has maxed out at any given level of stimulus. But like I said, you won't lose anything either but will maintain what you have.

Now, in order to take it further as relates to all body weight training it requires that you either do more reps or increase the intensity of each repetition through the use of a weight vest. This is really no different than your body simply weighing more in your chest, shoulders, and upper back. For example, if any of you had 30 pounds of added muscle specifically distributed over your chest, arms, and shoulders doesn't logic and common sense tell you that your level of intensity also would be dramatically enhanced exactly where you are endeavoring to build your muscles, not to mention how your arms would respond?

Bottomline: It all comes down to a perfect balance of stimulus, nutrition and recovery. All 3 must be in perfect balance.

---John Peterson

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