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07-13-2017, 07:43 PM
Hello Everyone,

I just got an e-mail from a man that is asking ME if HE should train EVERY DAY or EVERY OTHER DAY.

Naturally I could tell him to search through our archives for an answer but in this case I didn't.

Instead I told him that ultimately only he will be able to provide the right answer but it all depends on what he wants to do.

I train daily because I love the feel of a massive pump that accompanies a good workout. However in order to do that each and every day that means I must stop my workouts long before I feel spent and depleted.

Example: Yesterday I did 10 sets of Push-Ups with a 52 pound weight vest. I performed 223 reps. This morning I felt fine but as soon as I put on my 32 pound weight vest and performed my first set of Atlas III's I was aware that I had over stressed my CNS far beyond full recovery yesterday. I just didn't have it.

As a result I performed all 10 sets at 30 reps a set and no more instead of my normal 40> to 50> with a 32 pound vest. Even at 30 reps it was pleasantly hard but my point is that I wanted a great pump without further CNS depletion so I did not push it hard at all. I'm sure that I could have pushed close to 40 reps per set on each set but it would have been stupid to do it and feel even more depleted tomorrow.

Here's the point. Whether you train daily or every other day is determined by your own recovery. Nothing else. Depleting myself yesterday by pushing so hard only weakened me for today and my energy has been lacking. There was no advantage in pushing myself that hard yesterday. Yet I needed a workout today so I cut way back.

Bottom line: If you push too hard on any given day you may need to take the full day off or at the very least cut way back. There is no need to train daily unless you want to do so. But if you do you will need to do it well within your own recovery zone and only you can know what that is.

What to do? Document every workout including sets, reps and total volume and within what span of time. Do this daily includinng a report of how you feel later in the day after your workout as well as how you feel the next morning and within 3 months you will see clear strength, endurance and energy patterns emerging. No rocket science here. Just logic and common sense. And one last thing, if my first set of 30 had not felt good I would not have worked out today. I would have taken the day off.

---John Peterson
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07-14-2017, 03:57 PM
Know thyself indeed.However people do want answers which will relieve them of the requirement to think.I think that the internet and all its confusing information is partly to blame.Yet this is a paradox as some feel that knowledge is power-but the correct application of knowledge is power.

The other issue is that truly sticking to a programme will yield results-yet few people will make a true commitment .

True fitness is as much of an art as as a science.What counts is what works.Some people can handle 7 days a week workouts.Others cannot.However they will both reach the same goal if they are wise about it.
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07-14-2017, 05:43 PM
I have started to think of Iso Dynamic Concentration exercises as being as much mental as they are physical. They are yogic in nature and apply the meditative principle of "Inner Concentration" to project "Life Force" to the targeted areas. They feature self hypnotic characteristics which reduce the time required to achieve the desired mental state.

Paramhansa Yogananda, Bruce Lee, and Alois P. Swoboda all stated that once you achieve proficiency in this type of exercise you need only 10 minutes or less to achieve results. In some cases workouts of a few minutes a day are desirable or adequate.
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