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What Do You Think About Ditching Cardio
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02-13-2018, 10:39 AM
Hello Everyone,

I have been asked, " John, What do you think about 'ditching cardio' altogether?"

Short answer: Bad idea.

Here is the point. I have spent years in writing Living Strength and I know that the best possible outcome in Lifelong Super Health, Strength and Fitness is the result of an integrated and balanced approach.

Too much habitual cardio exercise to the exclusion of everything else will weaken and deplete you. Period. It depletes hormones, muscle mass, and sex drive. Weakens the immune system and is a waste of time that could be productively used to enhance muscle mass, stimulate hormone production and enhance the immune system.

We need cardio...YES but the best all around form of cardio is what both Dr. Laurence Morehouse and Dr. Rene Cailliet both advocated and that is 'power walking' in which the muscles are actively engaged while moving.

How much time? If you were to 'Power walk' for a half hour with 'Costal Breathing' as Dr. Cailliet recommended you would be achieving great cardio while enhancing hormone balance and overall well being. The Costal breathing is essential for every man that wants ripped abdominal muscles. Conscious Costal Breathing exercises the abdominal muscles Isometrically the entire time. That is why it is so essential.

---John Peterson

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