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How Do I Know That I'm Doing it Right?
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05-16-2018, 05:20 PM
Hello Friends,

I have received an e-mail from a man that tells me that he reads our forum daily though he never posts.

In his e-mail he told me that he had purchased my book 'Miracle Seven" at amazon and subsequently all of my books. He tells me that he is thrilled with the results that he has been achieving following the Seven Tiger Moves that were originally developed and taught by John McSweeney.

But get this, he has a question. And because he has a question I have a feeling that a few other people may have the same or a very similar question. Here's Ron's question. "Mr Peterson, I have never been so happy with any method of exercise that I have ever tried and I think I have tried them all. The Tiger Moves have strengthened me and reshaped my muscles.I have lost two notches from my belt. My muscles even have cuts they have never had before so thank you. Even though I have had such amazing results I still have a nagging question. How do I know that I am doing them right? How do I know that I am putting enough tension into each move?"

How about it everyone. I'll post my answer but I'd love to read your insights too.

Here is my response:

Ron, thank you for the kind words. What you have stated about the benefits of Tiger Moves is 100% spot on with what many others have experienced. As far as, "How do I know that I am doing them right? How do I know that I am putting enough tension into each move?" The answer is really very simple. John McSweeney told me that the movement should be as smooth as possible throughout the full range, you should feel every subtle nuance of the muscles moving and that you apply enough tension so that you feel that your muscles have been thoroughly worked by the time you reach 8 to 12 repetitions in each set. What you want to "feel" is that your muscles have been thoroughly worked not to exhaustion but to a level of fatigue that feels challenging while it infuses the muscles with highly oxygenated blood. These Iso-Dynamic exercises teach you complete muscle control as you think into each muscle group that you are working. Realize that there is no single answer that is 'right' across the board for everyone. Also realize these exercises can be made so intense that they exhaust your muscles completely within 3 Ultra Slow-Ultra Intense reps. So remember, keep the movement smooth and feel every subtle nuance of the muscles moving through their natural full range of motion. one other detail, it doesn't matter how fast or slow anyone else performs the exercises. This is about how YOU feel as you work your muscles directly.

Bottomline: For sculpting your muscles use enough tension to feel both reasonably intense muscular fatigue while achieving a pleasant pump between 8 and 12 repetitions per set . You can do up to 5 sets if you'd like but I think most of us feel that 3 sets is ideal for daily practice. Learn to trust your own response.

---John Peterson
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