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Restating the Three Stage Iso-Contraction
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10-11-2018, 07:52 PM
Hello Everyone,

I have been asked a question by a man who is totally caught up on semantics. He wants to know, "How do I know when I am putting in 50% of maximum effort into a contraction or 75 % or even 100%?"

Answer: Cyle forget 50%, 75% & 100%. Instead perform your first contraction as hard as you can for 5 seconds and then relax and take a breath and then contract again for 6 seconds attempting to make the contraction even more intense. Finally, relax again for a moment and then take another breath and this time contract as hard as you possibly can for 7 seconds.

My experience with the 3-stage Contraction has yielded extraordinary results far beyond anything that I had previously experienced with single contractions of 6-7 seconds. This is because the first contraction floods my muscle tissue with highly oxygenated blood and it always makes it possible to contract with even greater intensity during stage 2, I then relax for just a moment or two and take a short breath and then contract at absolute maximum during stage 3.

If you follow the above suggestions and adjust it to fit your own tempernment, you too may have exceptional results. On the other hand, if you can achieve a fantastic contraction without going through the 3-stages then more power to you.

---John Peterson
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