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Dynamic Virtual Resistance
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11-10-2018, 12:45 PM
Hello Everyone,

Lately people are asking if with the emphasis on Power Belt Isometrics there is any place for DVR exercises and the answer is absolutely. In fact, for the purpose of infusing highly oxygenated blood into the muscle tissue there is not a better or safer form of exercise for that purpose.

The DVR method was first taught in the courses written by Alois P Swoboda. Swoboda noticed that when using heavy weights that there was an obstruction to the blood being circulated back to the heart. He also noticed that once understood, most people could learn how to contract their muscles with great intensity as though lifting weights and yet relax the contraction just enough at the end of each repetition to all the circulation to do its job without obstruction. The results were extraordinary in that the Swoboda exercises delivered all of the benefits of weight training but without any of the disadvantages that weights posed. This method was embraced by Sandford Bennett, a man that achieved an extraordinary rejuvenation and literally grew younger as documented in his classic book "Old Age: It's Cause and Prevention"

The only problem that most people have with DVR exercises is that they really don't know what they are supposed to feel like. For that reason I will be placing another clip on facebook this week dealing specifically with how to know you are doing DVR exercises correctly.

In the meantime, for the man that asked me about the benefits of performing Tiger Moves and Power Belt Isometrics together the answer is YES! The two methods complement each other perfectly.

---John Peterson
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11-13-2018, 12:27 PM
I don't necessarily disagree. I personally like DSRs with Isometrics. However I have done DVRs with Isometrics.
My real thought is that if one works out for 30-40 minutes in the morning and 20-30 minutes at night, one has time to do DVRs or DSRs Isometrics and some cals.

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11-13-2018, 11:06 PM
To me I think this is a case where actually having strength trained previously helps before doing DVR. For example tell someone that has never done any strength training to pop their pecs and they can't. Someone with a few months of benching can easily do that. They've learned what it feels like for the pecs to contract.

I didn't start out in bodyweight, so I don't know if pushups would do the same thing, I think they probably would. Maybe one of you can chime in.
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