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Healthy male characteristics include masculine vigor and strength, energy, virility and physique. Low testosterone and unbalanced male androgens may rob these defining features.

About John e. Peterson:

JOHN PETERSON, internationally renowned strength and fitness coach and creator of the Transformetrics™ Training System, knows the painful reality of struggling to overcome physical adversity. At the age of four John was a victim of the dreaded disease polio, which left him with horribly misshapen legs that doctors were forced to break and reset—all without anesthesia for the ...

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aaron hoot
aaron hoot wrote...
"The Terrific T7"
Aug 24 2010
T7 has helped me tremendously. For the past nine months I have been going around the clock with work and just couldn't seem to relax or sleep. During the days I never seemed ...
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... to have energy. After using T7, I received my first restful night of sleep in months. The next day, I had plenty of energy to spare. I am resting better, full of energy and I know that it is because of T7.

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