Warrior Power T's

Warrior Power T's

developed by Gary Bowes
ISBN: trans-powert-08
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Product Description

If You're Not Interested in Awesome Strength, Maximum Fitness, and Your Best Physique Ever . . . Don't Order the "Warrior Push-up Power T's"

Dear Friends,

No doubt, some of you read my headline and assume that John Peterson is using reverse psychology in order to sell the "Warrior Push-up Power T's." If you're one of those people, forget it, because you're wrong . . . Dead Wrong!

I made that statement because it is totally true. In fact, the truth is that if you are not already in great shape, the "Warrior Push-up Power T's" may prove to be a device that leads to frustration.

Why? Because unlike other push-up devices made for the market that are designed to make push-ups easier, the "Warrior Push-up Power T's" do the exact opposite. They make push-ups a great deal more difficult and a great deal more beneficial as a subsequent result.

Here's the deal. The "Warrior Push-up Power T's" were developed by my good friend and Master Martial Art Instructor Gary Bowes for the purpose of taking his highly advanced students to an even higher level of awesome strength and maximum functional fitness, especially as relates to punching and grappling that requires a steel-like grip for maximum efficiency.

To accomplish this, Gary relied on the world's best and most functional strength and fitness maximizing exercise, "The Push-up," then added a new twist that took it up into the strength and conditioning stratosphere. Gary did this by creating a device that would require every stabilizing muscle in the entire body to work together isometrically while the arms are moving dynamically. But get this, even when the arms are lowering or raising the body, they are working both dynamically and isometrically at the same time.

In fact, the "Warrior Push-up Power T's" will literally teach you the meaning of Charles Atlas's phrase, "Dynamic Tension."

How so? Take a look at the photos. With the "Warrior Push-up Power T's," you are literally performing push-ups on stilts that have a rounded point of contact with the floor. Obviously, this makes balancing on them extremely (and I do mean extremely) difficult. But herein is the Secret of why "Warrior Push-up Power T's" are so beneficial.

First, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the hands, wrists, and forearms are forced into maximum contraction just to be able to hold the T's when the entire weight of the body is resting on the rounded points of the two stilts. (If you want forearms like Popeye, these deliver!)

Next, the upper arms, both biceps and triceps, are forced into both an Isometric Stabilization Mode as well as exercising dynamically in both lowering and raising the upper body. The same is also true for the deltoids, pecs, traps, and lats of the upper back. All are worked isometrically and dynamically.

But it doesn't end there.

In fact, no form of exercise that I know of will develop better or more efficient "core" strength in the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, and lower back than does the "Warrior Push-up Power T's." This is because the muscles are isometrically stabilizing the entire body the entire time. And if you are one of the few who develop the strength and conditioning to actually perform 20 or more repetitions in each set of "Power T Push-ups," your time under contraction will send your "core" strength into the stratosphere.

But now, get this. Even at this point, there's still more, because the muscles of your hips, glutes, thighs, and calves are also working isometrically to keep the entire body stabilized. Believe me, if the muscles in your entire body—from your neck to your toes—are not working together isometrically to stabilize your body while you are performing "Power T Push-ups," you flat out aren't gonna be able to do them. It's as simple as that.

Naturally, that means that just performing standard push-ups will create awesome strength and fitness. And if that's all you want, the "Warrior Push-up Power T's" will more than deliver results that are 100 times worth their weight (the Power T's) in gold.

But I haven't stopped there. I have included push-up variations in the instructions that could easily challenge some of the world's greatest athletes. Check it out, and you'll see what I mean.

Finally, some of these variations could be very dangerous if the "Warrior Push-up Power T's" were to "slip." By that I mean a broken nose, broken teeth, or even worse. So use the "Warrior Push-up Power T's" exactly as instructed, and remember: I'm not responsible for a broken nose, busted teeth, or worse.

Anyway, if the above warning hasn't scared you off, I invite you to order the "Warrior Push-up Power T's" Now. They come complete with a detailed instruction manual and a Transformetrics Power Living Journal to document the incredible advances that you achieve in strength, fitness, and physique.Total price is $49.95 plus shipping and handling.

If anyone orders a second or third set at the same time, they will save $15 per additional set!

So there you have it. No hard sell . . . just the truth.

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aaron hoot
aaron hoot wrote...
"The next level..."
Aug 24 2010
I have been doing pushups for years. I thought that there wasn't a pushup I couldn't do fairly easy. I am not talking about numbers I am just talking about perfect form . I ...
   »  Read More
... am not talking about just perfect form but slow and under control. I usually get 500 pushups a day. When I heard about the Ts, I thought I have got to try those. They blew me away. I got on them and only could get 5 on my first try. I can get over 20 now but it is not easy. They have improved not only my strength and endurance but my form. The Ts are for anybody who is serious about pushups in their workouts.

JoeJustice wrote...
"Power T's are Incredible!"
Dec 16 2009
Power T's make push-ups super hard and build incredible grip. When I was working on my rope climbing no other exercise help me more than push-ups on the Power Ts. If push-up ...
   »  Read More
... are getting a little ho-hum for you, then give them a try!

Brad R
Brad R wrote...
"I'm 54 and in pretty good"
May 23 2009
I'm 54 and in pretty good shape, especially pushup wise. I had to try the first few on my knees, and then was able to do a couple. Extremely difficult, and have seen results in ...
bennyb wrote...
"Power T's Are That Good"
Jun 12 2008
As a strength athlete I love having things like this to challenge me. At first these nearly killed my forearms just from being pumped within 10 seconds. Now at 13 "standard" ...
   »  Read More
... push-ups I now realize how powerful these are. They are one of the most difficult pieces of equipment I have ever used so these are a must for any athlete who wants to rise up to the stratosphere of health and super strength.

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