Classic Isometric Exercises for the Neck

Classic Isometric Exercises for the Neck

One of the most important muscle groups in the entire body is the neck. Yet most fitness programs don’t even mention the neck. Not only does your neck support the entire weight of your head, but it has both a muscular and joint structure that allows you to turn 180˚ from side to side and to swivel a full 360˚. It is foolish to develop only the muscles that show while this vital muscle structure is left weak and undeveloped, especially when you can have a superbly developed neck by following my Classic Isometric Exercises.

#1—Reverse Neck Contraction. Stand erect with your feet about 12" apart. Clasp your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers with your chin tucked close to the chest. Now push your head firmly up while resisting with your hands. Slowly build contraction to peak intensity for 3 to 4 seconds while deeply inhaling. Upon reaching peak contraction, slowly start a controlled exhale by making an s-s-s-s sound as you exhale air slowly through closed teeth or lips. This procedure should last from 7 to 12 seconds while maintaining the peak contraction. Slowly release tension for 3 to 4 seconds while inhaling. Relax and take several deep breaths.

#2—Forward Neck Contraction. With your head titled back and hands placed on your forehead, begin pushing up and forward against the resistance of your hands. Following the exact same contraction and breathing procedure from Exercise #1, maintain the peak contraction for 7 to 12 seconds. Relax and take several deep breathes.

#3—Side Neck Contraction (left to right). With the left side of your head close to your left shoulder, place your right hand on the right side of your head. Begin pushing your head to the right side while resisting with your right hand. Following the exact same contraction and breathing procedure from Exercise #1, maintain peak contraction for 7 to 12 seconds. Relax.

#4—Side Neck Contraction (right to left). Follow the exact same procedures as in Neck Exercise #3, moving from right to left while following the correct breathing procedure. Relax.

About John e. Peterson:

JOHN PETERSON, internationally renowned strength and fitness coach and creator of the Transformetrics™ Training System, knows the painful reality of struggling to overcome physical adversity. At the age of four John was a victim of the dreaded disease polio, which left him with horribly misshapen legs that doctors were forced to break and reset—all without anesthesia for the ...

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Neck Exercises
Neck Exercises wrote...
"Good set of exercises but I"
Nov 05 2009
Good set of exercises but I would just match the resistance than push up against the hand.
Linda Smith
Linda Smith wrote...
"Burning Mouth Syndrome"
Feb 18 2009
Hi. I am Linda Smith, a 23 years old women. I try to take out time for exercise everyday. I agree to the fact that the neck is the most important part of the body as it carries ...
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... the entire weight of the head. One of my close friend is suffering from a painful disease of mouth named Burning Mouth Syndrome. It is a condition that causes pain in the mouth, lips or tongue without any clear reason. BMS afflicts seven times more women than men, affecting between 1.5% and 5.5% of middle-aged to elderly women. She has lost a lot of weight because she is unable to eat anything. Nothing seems to have any taste. Then I visited a site which contained detailed description of every aspect of BMS. All my queries were solved. It helped me to take a better care of her to recover faster.

bowdeen wrote...
"neck isometrics"
Aug 22 2008
can i do neck exercise daily had read where isometrics are to be done every other day confused.
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