“Just Fifteen Minutes?” Believe It.

“Just Fifteen Minutes?” Believe It.

Yesterday I received an e-mail asking me if I really believed it is possible to achieve high level functional strength and fitness in only 15 to 20 minutes each day. Why would someone ask that question? Because we’ve all been bombarded by the media with stories about how top amateur and professional athletes supposedly train for hours each day under the supervision of special trainers with special equipment. As a result, it tends to make most people feel skeptical when they hear or read that they can achieve high level functional strength and fitness as well as a slim well muscled physique in just 20 minutes each day. But guess what? It’s absolutely true, and you don’t need a trainer or special equipment of any kind to do it. All you need is knowledge and the drive to apply it by doing it. I can quickly supply the knowledge.

Still, it’s only natural to question whether or not high level fitness can be achieved in just minutes each day, especially when you’ve spent several years on the couch or plopped on your good old gluteus maximus in front of a computer discussing fitness rather than achieving it.

Well, I have news for you. When you first begin practicing The Trinity of Health and Fitness, 20 minutes will be about 15 minutes too long.

How can I say such a thing about my own foundational fitness program? Because it’s true. Here are the facts:

Most people, including men who can bench press 400 pounds, cannot do 25 Tiger Stretch Push-ups in one consecutive set. Even doing one set of 12 is enough for almost any beginner.

Most people cannot do more than 40 Tiger Bend Squats the first time they try. This set will take about 1–1.5 minutes, max, depending on one’s balance, strength, coordination, and flexibility.

Then there’s the Bridge. The vast majority of first timers cannot hold a “forehead to the mat” Bridge for 20 seconds.

So, altogether, we’re looking at about 4–5 minutes of training—max, and the beginner is wiped out, but in a good way.

The better news is that the first 4–5 minutes improve rather quickly and within a couple of weeks becomes 10–15 minutes. If you choose to go beyond 15 minutes—to let’s say, 30 minutes—that’s great. But unless your workout time involves a lot of deep breathing, stretching, and pauses between sets, you don’t need more than 30 minutes for achieving superior foundational strength and fitness from The Trinity of Health and Fitness. Believe me, there are very, very few professional athletes who could ever perform 300 consecutive Tiger Stretch Push-ups, followed by 300 Tiger Bend Squats, and then go 3 minutes nose-to-mat on the Bridge. And yet, if they did, all of that—300, 300, and 3 minutes—requires less than 35 minutes. I know because I have done it many, many times.

Here’s the deal. You really truly can get into great shape with these exercises; and, yes, 15 minutes will do wonders. In fact, 5 minutes will do wonders for the out of shape person who is just starting out. Truth to tell, even a minute will do wonders if you’re that far gone.

Now, let’s focus on YOU, my friend. You have a choice. You can get on the stick today, or you can sit back and let LIFE give you the stick.

That’s right. You can take control and rid yourself of the lazy beast inside your body, or the lazy beast will continue to pound on YOU in a big way. Your body becomes weak and wears out from LACK of meaningful daily exercise. Remember that. And LACK of exercise causes your body to experience pain, your hormones to become unbalanced, and your brain to become sluggish.

My advice—get with the program. The Trinity of Health and Fitness.

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