Are You Confused About “Muscle Confusion?”

Are You Confused About “Muscle Confusion?”

A close friend by the name of Rod asked me what I thought about the concept of “muscle confusion” and how it would relate to G.U.T.S. I immediately realized that if Rod was wondering about this, so were many of you. So here goes.

In a nutshell, “Muscle Confusion” is based on the concept that the human body makes rapid adaptations and adjustments to any given training routine, and that in order to maximize gains, one must regularly switch one’s training method. On infomercials this is promoted as though it is a startling new revelation and discovery. But nothing could be further from the truth. Just as King Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 1:9, “There is nothing new under the sun.” So it is with exercise.

Take for instance the Charles Atlas Dynamic Tension Training System. Mr. Atlas first taught his students two “foundational courses.” Lesson One consisted of the foundational exercises upon which the entire course depended, and Lesson Two was a fantastic (for its day) and very doable Nutritional Course. Both Lessons One and Two were to be followed every day and throughout life. The foundational exercise course (Lesson One) focused exclusively on deep breathing and chest development. Beginning with Lessons Three and Four, Mr. Atlas had his students perform Lesson One, the foundational course, and add two new lessons for two weeks.

If you do Mr. Atlas’s program, you perform Lesson One and add Lessons Three and Four for two weeks, then you drop Lessons Three and Four and add Lessons Five and Six to Lesson One, which you perform for two additional weeks, and then you drop Five and Six and add Seven and Eight to Lesson One. This is continued throughout the balance of the course. When you get to the end of the course, Mr. Atlas offers a perpetual course of 8 exercises. He taught his students to perform these exercises daily and to constantly “switch it up” by adding from the more than 90 exercises they had already learned in the previous 12-week structured course. Bottomline: by switching up every couple of weeks, Atlas students achieved fantastic strength and development.

So here’s the deal. G.U.T.S. is your FOUNDATION. When you can perform it in close to the time limits specified, you will be in extraordinary shape. You will have exceptional strength/endurance, off-the-charts flexibility, and extraordinary cardio respiratory endurance. You then have more than 160 other exercises of various modalities from the Transformetrics Training System (DVR/VRT, ISOs, DSR, & Power Calisthenics) to add to this foundation whenever you desire to challenge your muscles from all angles and all directions or to work on any body part that may be lagging behind. My point is that you need both a foundational program (G.U.T.S.) for lifelong health, strength, and fitness, and the ability to mix it up and keep things interesting and challenging. Though, in truth, you will not be “confusing your muscles”; you will be challenging them to make continuous adaptation. And that’s a good thing.

Bottom line: With G.U.T.S. and Transformetrics, you have the best of both worlds.

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