The Burning Desire

The Burning Desire

From time to time I receive e-mails from people who see photos of some of my friends and students, such as Jake Finifrock, Greg Newton, Joe Justice, Chris Rezny, or our kid brother, Nate, and they ask me, “What is their secret? What routine are they following to get results like that?” My response usually disarms them, because I always give them the straight from the shoulder answer that cuts right to the chase.

What is it? It’s not some secret routine that is responsible for the results you see. It’s the fact that more than anything else each of these men had a burning desire to change themselves for the better, and it resonated to the very core of their being. So much so that it literally took over and permeated every facet of their lives.

Now understand that a burning desire to be super fit and in shape 24/7 doesn’t even remotely mean flexing your muscles or stiffening your spine or trying to physically force yourself to be as flexible as Gumby. To the contrary, to me “a Burning Desire” resonates well with the biblical story of “Moses and the Burning Bush” as found in the book of Exodus. You may recall that the bush was on fire, but the fire did not consume the bush. And so it is with each of my friends.

And it could also be true of YOU. You have a desire to be fit that burns of its own accord, without effort or struggle, because you have pictured exactly what outcome you want with so much enthusiasm and detail that the desire has taken on a life of its own. You want it. And now it wants you. You pursue your desire through a plan that you put into action, and you continue to persevere even when all appears hopeless. That, my friends, is burning desire. You supply that, and I’ll supply the details of how to achieve it in Pushing Yourself to Power.

—John Peterson

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