A Commitment to Win!

A Commitment to Win!

One of my best friends is motivational speaker Michael Galiga (and, yes, he trains with Transformetrics). Michael is an extraordinary man with extraordinary achievements and a life-transforming message that he delivers with passion and power. His message is one of hope and clear direction that every American needs to hear and is an answer to the uncertainty and despair that so many are experiencing today. His new book published by Bronze Bow is titled, Win Every Battle—Conquering Fear and Claiming Victory for Success in Life.

In Win Every Battle, Michael reveals the basic life-transforming principles that will equip you not just to survive life’s greatest career and personal challenges but more importantly to conquer whatever difficulties life brings.

It all starts with commitment. With that in mind, let me now share with you the Introduction to Win Every Battle.

A Commitment to Win

In May 1970, U.S. military intelligence received aerial photographs that revealed what was believed to be a POW camp near the town of Son Tay, some 23 miles west of North Vietnam’s capital city. When American officials became convinced that 61 American POWs were being held there, they set in motion what many call the most daring military rescue operation of the Vietnam War.

At 2:18 a.m. on November 21, 1970, a joint group of 56 Army Green Berets volunteers and Air Force Special Operations Forces perfectly executed the raid, only to find the prisoners’ quarters empty; the POWs had been moved to a different location. Having spent a total of 27 minutes on the ground, the raiders left behind 100–200 North Vietnamese casualties. American casualties for the raid were one wounded—a broken ankle.

Although the Son Tay Raid was a flawless success, it was a devastating disappointment to the men who risked their lives to carry it out. However, subsequent events proved that the audacity of the rescue attempt stunned the North Vietnamese. For their actions during the raid, the members of the task force were awarded six Distinguished Service Crosses, five Air Force Crosses, and 83 Silver Stars.

In his book, You, the Warrior Leader, Southern Baptist Convention President Bobby Welch writes that what many do not realize is there might not have been enough seats on the choppers to get all the POWs out. In this event, the 56 Green Berets committed to give their seats to the POWs and stay behind if necessary. The rescuers decided that if they needed to give up their seats, they would head to the bend in the Red River nearby and take up a fighting position.

This was their declaration: “Backed up to the Red River, we committed that we would fight until one of two things happened—someone came back to get us, or we died.”
America needs millions of such men, and now they are assembling.

If you are interested in learning more about Mike and his powerful message, go to www.WinEveryBattle.com.

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