Concentrating Your Power

Concentrating Your Power

In several e-mails over the years, I’ve been asked if I watch television or listen to an iPod while I’m exercising.

My answer: I Don’t! Not now. Not ever.

Now, before you label me as ridiculous or extreme, consider this fundamental principle: Your thoughts have creative power. When you exercise, you have the ideal opportunity to strengthen the link between your mind and your muscles. If you think strong, vibrant, and powerful thoughts while you exercise, you will improve your health and strength at an accelerated rate while feeling better about who you are, what you are accomplishing, and what your role in life is.

For instance, if you go for a three-mile run, you can choose to listen to the top 40 on your iPod or you can focus on your own Top 10. By your own Top 10, I mean your Top 10 Goals—the things you’d really like to accomplish in your life. For me, that includes the kind of strength and fitness I want to have, what I really want to experience and do, as well as the places I haven’t been but where I’d like to go and the people I’d like to meet.

Or you can focus and concentrate on a single goal you really want to achieve. You can use the time to have an internal dialog and ask yourself important questions that cause creative ideas and answers to flourish and flow. And you can also use the time to give thanks to the Heavenly Father for the gift of life and the blessings you have experienced up to this point.

All of the above are far better than watching and exposing yourself to the 24-hour drumbeat of negative non-news on television. After all, who really needs to know:

Who killed whom?
Who got robbed and by whom?
Which celebrity just died from a drug overdose?
Who the latest celebrity is to go back into drug rehab?
Which celebrity announced she was getting divorced?
Who got bombed today?
How many foreclosures happened last month?
Why we’re all doomed for another series of natural weather disasters?
Why we should go to bed scared and wake up terrified of pigs giving us the flu? And if not the pigs, then watch out for birds, raccoons, or monkeys.

C’mon, don’t you realize you’re supposed to be scared all the time? Don’t you know you’re never supposed to relax or unwind. And never, absolutely never, turn off the claptraps. C’mon, get with the program. You’re suppose to have the media constantly feeding you doom and gloom so you can tell you’re therapist about it.

Ugggh. This is NOT for me. And I hope it’s not for you.

I’d rather go for a run while focusing on my breathing. I’d rather do some pull-ups and push-ups and focus on nothing more than the number of reps I’m doing and the way my muscles are feeling—a meditation in and of itself.

I’d rather go to bed feeling good about the world, transcending the thoughts and emotions that so many people have been told are normal.

Well, guess what? They’re not normal. They’re sick and depressing. And you will be sick and depressed, too, if you continually watch and listen to them.

Rise to a higher level, my friend. It all starts by taking back personal control of what you allow into your mind.

Be MORE than you are right now. Give yourself the break you need and deserve today—not from life but from the noise the media wants you to think is life.

Pay attention to the sound of your own heart beating and your breath going in and out of your body. Pay attention to how your muscles and joints feel, and improve the functioning of them.

That’s the real story. That’s the only news that really counts.

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