Dealing With Pain

Dealing With Pain

It’s amazing how many people are dealing with issues of chronic pain. In fact, I would say that more than two-thirds of the people who send me personal e-mails play what I call the “organ recital.” They have a shoulder pain or a back problem or a bum knee. My approach with such individuals is and always has been to encourage a general conditioning of the body that will increase the person’s overall performance capacity.

Granted, some people become upset with me, because they do not feel I am being sympathetic enough. But consider the person with shoulder pain, for example. He has two choices. He can become an invalid due to inactivity, or he can condition himself to lead an active life that does not make excessively heavy demands on his shoulders.

Take my word for it, if you let a weak back or a touch of asthma or a painful arthritic condition immobilize you, a vicious cycle sets in. Your body deteriorates overall, and your increasing discomfort persuades you to do less and less. But if you reverse the cycle and gradually do more and more, you may discover you can live normally and perform recreational activities with a minimum of interference from your disabilities.

The time to really concentrate on increasing your performance capability is when you consider yourself partially disabled, either physically or psychologically. Then is the time to become a student of physical culture and a master personal trainer of both body and mind. The person you will be training first and foremost is yourself.

John Peterson

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