Functional Fitness: Balance, Coordination, Aesthetics

Functional Fitness: Balance, Coordination, Aesthetics

“I do not believe in a fate that falls on men however they act; but I do believe in a fate that falls on them unless they act.”—G.K. Chesterton

You may not think much about it, but there’s no question that balance and coordination are crucial elements of functional fitness. And as for aesthetics, it goes without saying that we all want to have flat abs and a well-sculpted body. That’s one of the main reasons we work out. And it’s one of the reasons the Transformetrics™ Ultimate Training System has been so successful. There is no other fitness program that matches it for strength building, weight loss, and overall body sculpting—all with no other equipment than your won body.

Balance. While balance is obviously crucial to every sport, it’s equally important in daily life. For instance, have you ever walked down an icy street in the middle of a January snowstorm with wind gusts so strong you felt they could knock you down? Then you know the importance of balance. Whether you’re climbing a ladder to change a light bulb or walking up a flight of stairs carrying a heavy load, good balance is essential. The truth is that no matter what you do, you will do it better if you can perfect your balance.

Coordination. We’ve all seen awesome demonstrations of perfectly developed human coordination on the ballet stage or in any number of athletic events. But we can also recognize it in ourselves when we can confidently execute both simple and complex movements. Proper coordination allows our bodies to function harmoniously and precisely. Without it, all the previous attributes—strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, and balance—would be as useless as a finely tuned sports car minus a driver. Unlike the animal kingdom, where coordination is far more instinctual, human beings must practice in order to maintain or increase the coordination of muscular skills. Likewise, humans lose their coordination if they don’t stay in practice. A perfect example of this is found in what happens to a person who has been bedridden for some time and then tries to walk. The good news is that you can improve poor coordination with the right exercise program that allows the body to go through multiple planes of movement. History has shown us over and over that with true dedication even an awkward youngster with weak arms and no stamina can transform himself into Charles Atlas.

Aesthetics. What do others think when they observe your shape and figure? And how do you feel about how your body looks? This is what aesthetics is all about. Although there are many reasons that people of all ages embark on strength, fitness, and weight-loss programs, there is none that even remotely compares to the motivation of aesthetics. This is because how you look is directly related to your self-image. Have you ever seen an infomercial for exercise or weight-loss products on television that didn’t focus on aesthetics? The bottom line is simple: There has never been a man who didn’t wish he could have a lithe, hard, muscular physique. And there has never been a woman who didn’t wish she had a gorgeous sculpted figure. That is why cosmetic plastic surgery, stomach stapling, liposuction, breast implants for women, and pectoral implants for men have become so popular. But quick fixes aren’t the answer. Fitness is all about a complete lifestyle choice that will enhance every facet of your life—including aesthetics.

Functional fitness is all about feeling great, looking great, and having more confidence in your physical capabilities. And there is no better place to make that dream come true in your own life than with any of the Transformetrics™ Ultimate Training System programs.

If you want a beautiful physique or figure, abundant good health, and complete mastery over every facet of your life, I am here to tell you that it is within your control. Whether you start with Pushing Yourself to Power, Isometric Power Revolution, or The Miracle Seven, Transformetrics is designed to bring out the best within you—without your having to rely on weights, expensive gym or health club memberships, or loads of coaching from so-called “experts.”

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