G.U.T.S.—the Ultimate No Excuses Foundation

G.U.T.S.—the Ultimate No Excuses Foundation

I received a wonderful e-mail from a man expressing his gratitude for my newest book, G.U.T.S. He stated that over the last two decades he tried method after method and program after program. More often than not, because of the equipment required and the time commitment necessary to perform a certain type of program, he would skip his workout altogether. As a result, he often felt guilty. He said that he went from one program to the next in total frustration UNTIL...HE FOUND G.U.T.S.!

Once he found G.U.T.S., he said he knew he had finally found the one routine that would deliver everything that he was looking for in terms of health, strength, a nicely sculpted physique and all-around high level functional fitness without an unrealistic time commitment. He said that on some days the 24-minute G.U.T.S. routine is all that he does, and on other days, when he has the time, he performs G.U.T.S. and several other exercises. And sometimes he even performs the other alternative G.U.T.S. workouts. His point was that having G.U.T.S. as his Foundational Training Routine has liberated him and given him exactly what he had been looking for for many, many years. His only complaint was that I didn’t release it twenty years ago when he was in his late teens. But, hey, better late than never.

Bottom line: I hope that G.U.T.S. becomes the “No Excuses” Foundation of lifelong strength and fitness for each of you.

—John Peterson

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