How Many Calories Are Burned by Exercise?

How Many Calories Are Burned by Exercise?

I was asked this question earlier today on our Transformetrics Training forum. In fact, I have often received e-mails asking this same question, and the truth is that it really isn’t the calories that are burned during exercise that are the most important. It’s something few people ever consider; so with that in mind, please consider the following answer:

There is no doubt but that long, sustained cardio burns more calories while exercising than does any other form of exercise. But keep in mind that cardio alone literally accelerates the loss of muscle mass and depletes the body of both testosterone and HGH (as well as other hormones) while dramatically stimulating and elevating the production of the catabolic cortisol hormone, which is counterproductive for the purpose of building and sculpting an aesthetically pleasing physique or enhancing virility.

After all, if cardio exercise by itself could build a lithe, athletic, well muscled physique, marathon runners would have the best physiques of any group of athletes. However, all one needs to do is to go to a marathon event and view the participants to realize that by and large most of the participants do not have aesthetically pleasing bodies, because their bodies have lost too much muscle mass and quite often look weak and emaciated. Unfortunately, as we lose muscle mass, we lose our body’s fat burning, virility hormone producing engines, and a vicious cycle sets in where we lose more muscle and add more fat. Naturally, if runners were to follow a balanced program that incorporated our strength building and hormone stimulating methods as well as running while also consuming enough of the right hormone building nutrients, they could actually build beautiful aesthetically pleasing bodies just as the ancient Grecian runners once did. But realize that the problem is not just the running itself but rather a lack of balance between running and the simultaneous muscle strengthening/building/stretching methods of exercise that we teach as well as a need for super nutrition.

Now, to answer your question about the caloric burn of Isometric Contraction? Truth is, it is very little during the time of actual exercise. But, and this is very important, Isometric Contraction has the exact opposite effect of cardio exercise. It enhances and does not burn testosterone or deplete muscle mass in any way. In fact, it literally conserves and builds muscle mass while enhancing hormone production of both testosterone and HGH. This it does without stimulating the production of excessive cortisol. The result is more muscle mass and much less body fat.

So to answer your question, actual caloric burn during exercise is less important than what exercise does to stimulate the release of the good and beneficial hormones that stimulate the production of muscle and virility.

—John Peterson

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