How Much CLA Should I Take to Lose Body Fat?

How Much CLA Should I Take to Lose Body Fat?

Recently I related the outstanding benefits Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) appeared to produce for my wife Denise after she had her thyroid removed. Since then I have received dozens of personal messages from individuals asking how much CLA they should take to lose body fat.

Now please understand that I am no physician and would never attempt to give advice of a medical nature concerning any physical condition. The following reflects the insights I’ve gained from years of Naturopathic study and the conclusions I’ve drawn concerning the personal needs of me and my family.

As would be expected, Denise gained a little extra weight after having her thyroid removed. At the time, this really affected her self esteem because she has always had a beautiful and perfect figure. After she asked me to help her I did some extensive research in Naturopathic and other texts to find the best information I could for helping people with low thyroid function to lose body fat.

It came down to three supplements, all with verifiable scientific research substantiating their effectiveness, and each of which Denise has taken for the last six months.

The first supplement is CLA. According to all the case studies for therapeutic usage, the best results for CLA have been seen with 3.4 grams daily for an average sized individual. So for Denise(without a thyroid) we upped it a bit to six 800 milligram capsules, for a total of 4.8 grams each day divided into a morning and afternoon dose of three capsules each.

Supplement two is Lithium Orotate. Scientific research shows that this is the only safe and stable form of lithium that carries no negative or caustic effects. Research indicates that it acts as both an energizer and mood stabilizer. There is also some tremendous documented research supporting Lithium Orotate’s effectiveness for people suffering with depression and bi-polar disorder. The most impressive research was conducted by Dr. Hans A. Napier, MD. Denise takes two 120 milligram tablets daily (morning and afternoon).

Finally, she also takes L-Carnitine (in liquid form), which is a naturally occurring amino acid with documented benefits as relates to fat metabolism. Denise currently takes one tablespoon daily (in the morning) which supplies 3,000 milligrams (3 grams).

We are convinced that these three supplements in combination have done wonders for Denise. I recommend that you do your own research and check them out for yourself.—J.P.

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